Can I prepay for longer than 12 months?

Yes - prepayments can have attractive discounts on cellular.

Multiple years can be purchased in advance on all models by agreement made with Wattwatchers at the time of placing orders. Purchase in advance can achieve up to 20% discount. Longer-term pre-payment arrangements that we have made with customers include:

  • 2 years / 24 months
  • 3 years / 36 months
  • 5 years / 60 months and
  • 10 years / 120 months

Speak to our team: who can make an offer based on your hardware purchase and pre-purchase requirement.

It is recommended that customers pre-paying for greater than the standard warranty period of 2 years should also purchase a commensurate extended warranty for each device (extended warranty periods are 3 years,  5 years, 7 years).