Can I fit third-party Current Transformers to an Auditor?

This article addresses third-party Current Transformer (CT) use on the Wattwatchers Auditor 6M, and 6W series.

To ensure the best performance from Wattwatchers Auditors: Do not fit third-party CT's Use Wattwatchers-supplied CT clamps only.

Protect performance & your warranty:

Fitting third-party CT's (i.e. not supplied by Wattwatchers) can affect accuracy.

CT's of the incorrect specification could damage the Auditor.

Warranty is void if third-party CT's are used.

Wattwatchers Auditors are supplied with quality split-core CT's that have been tested with the Auditor to make measurements with Class 1 (1%) accuracy. 

Wattwatchers CT's are an unusual specification, and so it is likely that any other CT's you may have on hand will be incorrect types.