3G to 4G swap out instructions

How to swap the older 3G device with the newer 4G device

When you get the new 4G device from Wattwatchers, it should come with instructions. Listed below is a copy of those instructions for Solar Analytics customers and Wattwatchers customers. 



6M devices

Rogowski devices

Edge case


6M devices

Rogowski devices


How to swap 2x Solar Analytics three-channel devices for 1x Wattwatchers 6M

Some customers who purchased older 3G Solar Analytics devices will notice they only have 3x channels (Room for 3x CTs max.) but the new 6M Wattwatchers device has 6 channels (Room for 6x CTs max.) This allows the customer to replace two of these older Solar Analytics devices with one 6M Wattwatchers device, but in order for this to happen, the customer will need to order an 8-pin CT plug from us. Once the 8-pin CT plug has been shipped, you will need to follow this diagram. 


Step 1. Label all CT cables going into the EXISTING DEVICE as per the diagram. This is so you will know exactly the position to wire them into for the new device.

Step 2. Remove the CT ends from the existing device plug and wire them into the new 8pin CT plug as per the diagram NEW DEVICE. Channels 1,2,3 white cable will go into the adjacent common and the same with Channels 4,5,6 will go into the adjacent common. 

Step 3. Plug it back in and power up the device.

Step 4. Contact Solar Analytics so they can configure the new changes on the back end and let them know that you have converted two existing devices into the new Wattwatchers device.

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