How is data transmitted and what do you mean by ‘real time data’?

Wattwatchers metering devices send out the data in Internet packet-data form through the customer site WiFi or the nominated 3G mobile network to the Dashboard/Data cloud server service. In the cloud the applications are run, administration of the Auditor device network is managed, and the analytics and dashboards are delivered back to administrators or users via APIs, Web Browsers, Pad’s and Applications presentation layers – depending on partner and service type selected.

In regard to measurement and transmission frequency, all Wattwatchers metering devices provide high resolution energy metrics with granularity at 5 second and 5 minute intervals, and latency around 5 to 10 seconds. To be totally accurate the streaming data is ‘near real time’, but in practical terms it is ‘functionally real time’ to observe, analyse and control most energy flows at circuit-level . The timing of data packets can be set (and changed) to meet specific client needs e.g. near real-time frequency versus minimising cost of data transmissions.