Get a Fleet Manager account

For Installers and Fleet Managers: request a Fleet Manager Account

The Fleet Manager is what you need to manage your Wattwatchers fleet and customer access. It's part of the Wattwatchers toolkit and included with the purchase of Wattwatchers technology.

Note: Getting a Fleet Manager account gives you access to: Fleet Manager, Onboarding, Web Dashboard, the MyEnergy mobile app and your API key.


Manage fleet health in real-time

View real-time data

Manage customer access to MyEnergy and Web Dashboard


When you purchase Wattwatchers devices you'll be set-up with a Fleet Manager account. You might be using this request form if:

  • You have Wattwatchers devices that you purchased from Wattwatchers, but no Fleet Manager access.
  • You need to grant access to a Fleet of devices for one of your business customers, to use the data in Wattwatchers applications or to access data via the API.
  • Someone else purchased Wattwatchers devices and you need access to the Fleet.

Request a Fleet Manager Account