Mercury and API

Mercury makes Wattwatchers interoperable, flexible and scalable


Wattwatchers' third-generation REST API, which we call Mercury, is an industry-standard interface for pulling data from Wattwatchers devices – and in some cases third-party devices – into the customer’s own software, or a partner application.
The Wattwatchers API (it stands for Application Programming Interface) presents energy data in a readily-useful format – with dozens of established partner and customer integrations in Australia and internationally.
Mercury takes care of everything from where our devices talk to our servers, through to making that data available to our customers and applications via APIs.
  • Device management: Firmware upgrades, fault detection, new feature release.
  • Data storage and pipeline: All device data ingress is processed and stored
  • RESTful API: Shares data with applications, in real-time, from Auditors and Modbus-integrated devices. Mercury provides the functions to configure devices and control switches.  You can access the API documentation here.
Switching functionality for controlling basic on/off loads like electric hot water systems and pool pumps, while also helping to enable more sophisticated use cases such as coordinating electric vehicle charging and limiting solar exports to assist with electricity grid stability.
The operational status of Wattwatchers API and other services can be viewed here.
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