Auditor 6W Wiring Diagrams

For installers: All wiring diagrams for the Auditor 6W and 6M+3SW

This article lists all wiring diagrams for connection of the 6W and 6W+3SW

Single and mixed-phase wiring diagrams- Auditor 6W

📎Six 1-phase loads

📎2-phase mains 1-phase solar

📎3-phase mains 1-phase solar

Three-phase wiring diagrams - Auditor 6W

📎Two three-phase loads

📎Three phase mains and solar

Switching diagrams - Auditor 6W+3SW

📎 Six 1-phase loads +1-phase load switching

📎2-phase mains 1-phase load and solar +switching

📎 3-phase mains and solar + 3-phase load switching