Contactor Overview

Wattwatchers Contactors summary and specifications

Wattwatchers holds stock of common single-phase and three-phase contactors that can be used with Auditors.

Contactors are commonly used with Auditors for Solar disconnect, load scheduling, demand management, and optimisation of consumption.

The Auditor can directly control a three-phase contactor up to 63A - large contactors are a special order.

Single-phase contactor

Contactor - Single phase

25A single phase

2 Pole (1x NO and 1x NC)

Lever with auto/manual override

240VAC coil



Three-phase contactor

Contactor - Three Phase

25A 3-phase

3 Pole (3x NC or 3x NO)

Lever with auto/manual override

240VAC coil




📎 Contactor specifications