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Selecting the right Wattwatchers hardware

For installers: The information required to select the correct Wattwatchers Auditor model

Wattwatchers technology is flexible and can be used in a variety of use-cases. Once you have the use-case nailed its time to select the right model and its important you select the correct one from the range!

Wattwatchers technology can monitor loads and generation from residential scale through to industrial-scale, and has options for switching control. All Wattwatchers technology; has communication in-built, monitoring in real-time, is 1% accurate and has all data available via the Wattwatchers API.

The models are in two key parts of the Family:

Monitoring & Control hardware

The Auditor family below has models for 4G and WiFi. The six channel models use Split-core CT's and the 3RM uses flexible Rogowski coils to accommodate large loads up to 3,000A. These model can deliver on many use-cases including solar LGC creation for systems less than 750MWh.

Model Comms Circuits CT rating Switches Links
6M 4G Six 60A-600A None  
6M+3SW 4G


60A-600A Three  
6W WiFi Six 60A-600A None  
6W+3SW WiFi Six 60A-600A Three  
3RM 4G Three 3,000A None  

Billing and Large LGC hardware

For solar solar generation over 750MWh/year and electricity billing the Clean Energy Regulator and National Measurement Institute (NMI) require devices to be 'pattern-approved'. For the billing of solar and other assets its quite common for there to be two separate hardware solutions - one for billing and the other for monitoring.

The Wattwatchers Auditor 6M +One is a single package that helps avoid hardware duplication because it supports:

  1. Billing (off-market) - which requires an NMI pattern-approved meter
  2. Monitoring -  granular, real-time data that supports solar performance management and customer engagement. 

Note: The NMI-pattern-approved channel data is only available via the Wattwatchers API and integrated billing partners.

CT's must be used on the Auditor if real-time data is required and if you plan to use Wattwatchers applications.

Auditor 6M+One - Single Phase

  • It’s up to 7 single phase meters!
  • One single-phase billing certified channel measuring up to 63A (NMI-pattern approved)
  • You can add up to six channels of monitoring with additional Wattwatchers CTs, to support solar performance management and the broader customer energy experience.

Auditor 6M+One -3 Phase

  • It’s up to three 3-phase meters!
  • One  3-phase billing certified channel (NMI-pattern approved)
  • Add up to two more 3-phase monitoring points with the additional Wattwatchers CTs, plus support solar performance and energy management.

Note: There are two varieties of the 6M+One 3-phase

For an NMI-pattern approved channel of up to 100A per phase: uses PMC-340BA

For an NMI-pattern approved channel of greater than 100A and up to 600A per phase: uses PMC-340BB

Read the following article to decide which variety that you need.

Choosing the right A6M+One Billing Bundle