Why we've added laser-etched arrows on Wattwatchers CTs

Placing CTs around the wrong way is one of the most common errors that installers can make. Wattwatchers is now adding prominently-displayed, laser-etched arrows on our CT clamps to help you get installation right first time.

As of September 2021, you'll now find arrows laser-etched on Wattwatchers CTs (starting with the 60 and 120 amp sizes, with the 200, 400 and 600 amp sizes to follow as new stocks are ordered).

This replaces less fit-for-purpose embossed stickers, further helping our customers and installers to get Wattwatchers installations right the first time.

Our factory reports: 'The advantage with the laser-etched current flow direction on both sides of the current transformer is that it's much easier for electricians to install without having to look at the embossed flow direction on the base of the CT.'

CT placement

Incorrect placement of CTs is the most common on-site mistake that installers make when working with Wattwatchers devices.

While this can be corrected remotely in software, we aim to do everything we can to help eliminate any faults while electricians are on-site.

When placing CTs, always follow the instructions in our Quick Start Guides. For CTs, the key guidance is:

  • For grid monitoring: arrow should be pointing from the grid
  • For solar monitoring: arrow should be pointing from the inverter
  • For load monitoring: arrow should be pointing towards the load (e.g. air-conditioning unit, hot water system, pool pump etc)

CT with laser etching ex Canva

IMAGE: Shows a set of three of the new split-core 60 amp CTs with laser-etched arrows (which appear on both sides of the CT clamps). Previously the arrows were on the bottom of some CT sizes, making it more difficult for installers to check direction on the spot.