How do I add a site in the Fleet Manager and give access to Wattwatchers applications?

For Fleet Managers: Explains how to give customers (or yourself) access to data in Wattwatchers apps by creating a site and adding users.

Log into the Fleet Manager. The Fleet Manger toolbar is shown below.

Navigate to Sites ➡️Add site

To Add a Site follow four steps:

  1. Enter site details
  2. Add devices
  3. Add user
  4. Save

The user is sent an email notification with login details.

See the add site page below.

Enter site details

Complete site name, address, state etc in the form shown above.

Add a new device

To assign a new Device to the site, enter the Device Serial Number and click on the Add Device button.

If an invalid Device Serial Number is detected, an error message will be displayed. This may be because the Device Serial Number is incorrect or you do not have access to that device (i.e. the device is not part of the currently selected Fleet).

Please check the Device Serial Number (Device ID) is correct before trying again. 

Add user

To add a new user to the site, enter the email address in the field below the username list and click on the Add User button.

After adding a new user, review and change the Switch Permission if required.

Save changes

After making any changes to the site, you must click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the information.

If you do not wish to save the changes, click on the Close button to go back to the Sites list without making any changes.

The user is sent an email notification

When a new user is added to the system for the first time, Wattwatchers will automatically send an email notification to the user with information about how to log in to the Dashboard or MyEnergy.

When any user is added to a site, they will receive an email notification that they have access to this site (but no further log in details).