Submitting High Resolution Image/File for Support Requests

For installers, site managers, or homeowners to submit relevant images/photos that Wattwatchers’ Support Team may assess the issue and provide remediation effectively.

Supplying our Support Team with relevant high-resolution images or photos or diagrams while submitting a Support Request helps us to assess the issue and provide remediation effectively.

We are going to start by looking at a case study along with relevant images to be supplied to help us assess the situation effectively.

Technical sales or support inquiry

There are times when we are asked to provide recommendations of how many devices or how many CTs or what size of CTs are right for the job. Images required for this inquiry:

  • At least one photo at a distance to show the area around the switchboard for context.
  • At least one photo close-up of the switchboard with the labels and the ratings of the breakers is clearly visible when zooming in.

Sample images:

Example Photo at a distance

Example Photo close-up with labels and markings clearly visible

Submitting high-resolution image

Please follow the following guidelines to submit high-resolution images:

  1. Submit the request via this form.
  2. Submit the original photo or file instead of screenshots.
  3. Submit the photos or file as an attachment by clicking the ‘Choose Files’ button at the bottom of the form.