Unable to access auditorsetup.com

For installers, site managers, or homeowners to configure the WiFi network an Auditor 6W connects to.

auditorsetup.com is a locally-hosted webpage that can only be accessed when you are connected to the Auditor-XXX WiFi network. If you are seeing this page, it is likely that your phone is using the mobile network instead of the Auditor’s access point.

To access auditorsetup.com, try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure you are definitely connected to the Auditor-XXX WiFi network on your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Power cycle the Auditor by switching it off for 30 seconds before switching it back on
  • Close all of the recent apps on your phone
  • Set the phone to Airplane mode
  • Switch on only WiFi
  • Repeat the Connect to WiFi process outlined in the Quick Start Guide

A successful connection to the auditorsetup.com will direct you to a screen that will look like this (with your available networks listed):

Once you are seeing the screen above, continue the rest of the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide.

I’ve done all that, and it’s still not working…

If you continue to experience issues after doing the steps above, please contact our support team.