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Wattwatchers Onboarding Release Notes

Changelog for Wattwatchers' onboarding web application

The app version information listed below is output to the Javascript console in the browser on app launch to aid with troubleshooting. Some changes occur in the API supporting the application, and the App version may not increment in such cases.

1 Oct 2022

App version: 20221001/NbXG8YLx9

  • NEW Firmware version is now displayed in the Status panel
  • CHANGED Signal Quality is now calculated from RSRP and RSRQ rather than RSSI alone
  • CHANGED The Signal Quality icon now shows 'bars' as a visual representation of the signal quality value
  • CHANGED A 'Low' Signal Quality is no longer highlighted as an error
  • CHANGED The Status panel now shows the 'last known' values for devices that are currently offline

16 Jun 2021

  • CHANGED Added login support URL link

7 Mar 2022

  • FIXED Error handling
  • FIXED Switch toggles displaying incorrectly for demo users

28 Oct 2021

  • FIXED Error with cellularMode value being undefined

25 Oct 2021

  • CHANGED Make signal quality values more consistent with Fleet

5 Oct 2021

  • FIXED Antenna type is now stored correctly

30 Sep 2021

  • FIXED Antenna type error for WiFi devices

13 Sep 2021

  • NEW Integrated with status.wattwatchers.com.au
  • FIXED Antenna type error

24 Aug 2021

  • NEW You can now specify what type of antenna is installed with a device
  • FIXED Minor text changes

27 Jul 2021

  • CHANGED Updated mechanism for determining password strength
  • FIXED Issues with how devices were being set into 5s mode

27 Jul 2021

  • FIXED Issues with 'Low' signal error message
  • FIXED Issue with selecting 'Not Connected' switch label and pending switch state

15 Jul 2021

  • CHANGED Improved offline error notifications

8 Jul 2021

App version: 20210701/cIEhMdxZP

  • NEW Form fields now submit on enter
  • CHANGED Improved barcode scanning
  • FIXED Collapsing spaces while using input fields
  • FIXED Issue with WiFi signal reporting as excellent when error had occurred

7 Sep 2020

App version: 20200904/FgYLqquLE

  • NEW The Onboarding tool is now accessible from wattwatchers.app with single-sign-on.

19 Aug 2020

App version: 20200819/PsnceUj8B

  • FIXED Issue with errors not clearing until the page was refreshed.

25 May 2020

App version: 20200525/gNdFc5k3j

  • NEW Added Device label and timezone in the Metadata tab.


App version: 20200322/1WExyPkoz)

  • FIXED Selecting "Oven" category in Metadata tab now works correctly.


App version: 20191104/yDQck2GBy

  • FIXED Issue with channel labels not correctly displaying on the Energy data tab.
  • FIXED No longer attempts to get modbus data when no modbus device is detected.
  • CHANGED Improved error handling and response notifications.


App version: 20191029/2eRT7-FGf

  • FIXED Multiple issues related to offline devices.
  • FIXED Issue with error handling and changing devices.
  • FIXED Removed delay in energy data chart appearing.


App version: 20191017/tM7f5x8ib

  • NEW Added app usage analytics (internal).
  • NEW Whitelabeling capability added.
  • CHANGED Improved handling of browser-cached data.
  • CHANGED Improved security and permissioning model.
  • FIXED Better handling of devices with no energy data.


App version: 20190717/FUbhpWPVX

  • FIXED Fixed issue with setting switch metadata.


App version: 20190717/FUbhpWPVX

  • FIXED Issue with CT rating changes being incorrectly marked as out of sync.
  • CHANGED Improved backend handling of device metadata and switch state changes.


App version: 20190717/FUbhpWPVX

  • FIXED Issue with metadata saving when Phases not set.
  • CHANGED Improved signal values for 4G devices.
  • CHANGED Metadata now polls to confirm changes to CTs applied (without manual refresh.)
  • CHANGED Switching is now disabled when a device is detected to be offline.


App version: 20190524/NF5c93K01

  • FIXED Correctly detects Rogowski devices.
  • FIXED Correctly refreshes the Comms panel to keep state up-to-date.
  • FIXED Auto-refresh of the Metadata panel to automatically detect/update when the CT rating values have changed on the device.


App version: 20190522/mcfMaZjtY

  • FIXED Improved handling of uninitialised devices.


App version: 20190515/ryKS26d3E

  • FIXED Issue with changing CT ratings (save operation halting without error message)


App version: 20190509/B1s6wZZn4

  • NEW Support for 6M+One devices.


App version: 20190221/rJ_a-qsr4

  • FIXED Switch colours now match device when using "normally closed" contactor type
  • CHANGED Entering serial numbers with spaces is now handled better
  • CHANGED Communications tab now auto-refreshes every 30s to refresh "last heard"
  • Improvements to diagnostic mode 5s short energy handling
  • Configuration changes to support serving from new infrastructure (no visible differences)


App version: 20181204/B1lqbUQyV

  • FIXED issue with setting CT rating for channels 4–6


App version: 20181203/H1TUmkfJE

  • FIXED issue with setting CT rating to 200A


App version: 20181130/B1RYSVR0X

  • Switch state can now be changed within the app
  • FIXED non-standard (i.e. not 5 sec or 30 sec) short energy reporting intervals being incorrectly reset
  • FIXED error with setting contactor type for switches


App version: 20181016/SJ_WUbmim

  • Supports the new API endpoint (on Mercury infrastructure)
  • NEW Option to choose "Normally Open" (default) or "Normally Closed" contactor types for each switch channel
  • FIXED Support for non-standard (i.e. not 5 sec or 30 sec) short energy reporting intervals


App version: 20180718/SyTE7c2XX

  • FIXED "Last communicated" field on the Comms panel now displays correctly on thin devices (i.e. mobile)
  • FIXED issue with focus being lost on the "label" input fields for Metadata tab
  • FIXED issue with focus being lost on the "label" input fields for Switch tab
  • FIXED CT rating changes now immediately shows the warning at the top of screen
  • FIXED changing a label in the Switch tab now immediately shows the Save/Cancel buttons
  • FIXED bug caused when running the Installer app from the same host as the Onboarding app (e.g. localhost) and locally stored Vuex state
  • FIXED issue that caused incorrect Last communicated display when an error occurs or device has not been configured—i.e. when "Last Heard From" returns 0 (never reported) or -1 (unknown)
  • CHANGED App ID (reported in Javascript console) is now "Installer app"
  • Validation of short energy reporting interval more robust to ensure that invalid values aren't sent to the API


App version: 20180628/H1cc5MzG7

  • FIXED Bug that caused previous device metadata re-loaded when a new device serial has been entered
  • CHANGED Better support for Rogowski devices (now identifies known Rogowski devices correctly and displays a non-editable CT rating value of "3000A (Rogowski coil)" in place of the drop-down selector)
  • CHANGED Now displays a loading indicator when switching devices
  • Performance improvements


App version: 20180613/rkHZLB0x7

  • FIXED Bug with handling of new uninitialised devices


App version: 20180606/rJLpIt4eX

  • CHANGED New devices (that return no values from the DMS) are now handled better, displaying a notice saying we haven't heard from the device with a "retry" option
  • CHANGED Power Factor values are now displayed regardless of iRMS value. Warning indicator is still shown when iRMS < 1 (but alongside the value)
  • CHANGED Blank label fields are now auto-filled with the category name when the category name is changed
  • FIXED iOS devices should no longer capitalise the first letter of usernames when logging in
  • FIXED Loading indicator spinning indefinitely when serial number field cleared


App version: 20180601/r1M2yUCyX

  • FIXED iOS fixes
  • First deployment to onboarding.wattwatchers.com.au