What to do if an Auditor device is offline?

Troubleshooting tips to power cycle and reset a Wattwatchers Auditor device

Auditor devices are always connected to the communications network to send data in near-real-time. In the event of any interruptions or changes to the communications network, the device will automatically reconnect as soon as the network is available again.

Devices that are OK are marked with a green OK in the Fleet tool.

If a device is not currently online,  then it is marked in the Wattwatchers Fleet application with an Offline indicator and additional information is available to see when the device was last online.

If your device has been offline for more than 24 hours, a visit to the site may be required to inspect the device and investigate the cause of the offline behaviour.

Devices may be offline due to changes in the communications network or potentially due to an electrical fault at the site that may interrupt the power supply to the Auditor.

To power cycle the Auditor, it needs to be turned off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on again to ensure the device is fully reset.

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For devices that are installed on Commercial or Industrial premises, we strongly encourage consulting someone with adequate knowledge around the switchboard (e.g. Facility Manager or Electrician) before performing the power cycle or any other troubleshooting method suggested in this article.

As the device powers up and reconnects to the communications networks, it takes about a minute for all LED indicators on the front of the Auditor to be solid ON. Otherwise please refer to the relevant product Quick Start Guide for the LED indications which are generally as below.

Auditor 6 Indicators

If the L1 or L2 LEDs are Off, confirm that voltage is present on the power supply to the device. Otherwise, please submit a support ticket via the link below outlining the issue and the status of the LEDs that we may assist you further.
If the L1 and L2 LEDs are Solid but the L3 LED continues Blinking and never goes Solid, an external antenna may be required to improve the signal strength for the device. Please contact sales@wattwatchers.com.au to see the range of our recommended antenna that suits your circumstances.