Wattwatchers Ecosystem

Overview of the Wattwatchers ecosystem of hardware, software and partners.

Built-in flexibility gives our trade customers choice and portability: you can bring your own software, select from our third-party partner offerings, use our in-house toolkit … or mix and match. This article takes a high-level tour of the Wattwatchers solution ecosystem and is ideal if you are new to Wattwatchers.


A lot of technology companies want to lock customers into their commercially-airtight ‘verticals’, and aim to hold the data they harvest from users in their own proprietary systems. 

Wattwatchers is different. We’re flexible, and very accessible.

Our preferred model is ‘horizontal’, and we’re partner technology agnostic. Within the practical boundaries of commercial and technical reality, and security prerequisites and privacy laws, Wattwatchers is very open and accessible when it comes to capturing, using and sharing data.


Ecosystem overview

The diagram below provides an overview of the Wattwatchers ecosystem, which embraces our own solutions suite and our ever-expanding partner network.
It begins with devices and data to the cloud, then extends through: our cloud server and REST API (we call this ‘Mercury’); our third-party partner network (i.e. ‘works with’ Wattwatchers); our Wattwatchers toolkit to support deployments of our devices, our mobile app mydata.energy for Apple and Android smartphones; and, our IoT integration platform for managing fleets of smart devices in real-time ADEPT. 
As a customer with Wattwatchers, this means you can pick and choose, and mix and match, in terms of how you operate and engage within the ecosystem.
Some of our customers use our devices, supported by our onboarding and fleet tools, pulling data from our API into their own in-house or third-party software. In such cases, Wattwatchers is a ‘half stack solution’, and these customers manage relationships with their end customers. We also support white-labelling in both ‘lite’ and more comprehensive versions, further demonstrating the inherent flexibility of our business model.
Other trade customers rely mainly or fully on Wattwatchers solutions including our mydata.energy consumer app, and our ADEPT platform enabling IoT integrations and machine learning functionality.
We'll step you through each part of the Ecosystem.
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