Auditor 6W & 6W+3SW: determine site requirements

For installers: These are the key considerations for scoping a site to determine requirements for the 6W and 6W+3SW

6W ex canvaSelecting the correct model is very important - once you've decided that the Auditor 6W or 6W+3SW is right for what you need, these are the five key considerations for scoping a site:

  1. The available space
  2. The distance between the Auditor and where CT's are placed
  3. WiFi signal strength
  4. The size of the load to be switched
  5. The maximum current and conductor size

The available space

  • Each Auditor 6W requires two poles (35mm) in standard DIN rail switchboards.
  • If your installation requires a dedicated breaker to be installed, allow typical space of 16mm for single phase breakers and 55mm for three-phase breakers.
  • If there is no space in the switchboard, then an external enclosure will be required, which are available from various electrical wholesalers with DIN rail fitted.
  • For switching: contactors require 16mm (single-phase) and 36mm for 3-phase for every switched load. The single-phase contactor is shown with the Auditor at the top of this page.
  • Check space for CT placement using the CT specifications.

The distance between the Auditor and where the CT's are placed

Wattwatchers CT's come with 1.8m cables which should be long enough in most cases and are adequate for monitoring loads in the same or adjacent boards. Excess cable can be coiled up without impacting performance, and cables can be extended if required.

WiFi signal strength

Signal strength may be improved by using external plastic enclosures to reduce the attenuation of metal doors.

Note: If WiFi signal strength in the area is poor the network will need to be extended

The size of the load to be switched

The Auditor 6W+3SW has three independent switching outputs. Each output is capable of driving a contactor with a 240VAC coil. Wattwatchers supplies contactors:

  • Single-phase: 25A single pole NO/NC
  • Three-phase: 25A 

The Auditor can directly control contactors up to 63A, which can be placed as special orders.

The maximum current and conductor size

The Auditor 6M and 6M+3SW can monitor circuits of up to 600A using split-core CT's.

CT max current Internal diameter (mm) Order code
60A 10 CT-60
120A 16 CT-120
200A 22 CT-200
400A 25 CT-400
600A 36 CT-600

Above 600A or 36mm cable diameter the Auditor 3RM using 4G and Rogowski coils is required, which monitors up to 3,000A

Refer to detailed Current Transformer (CT) specifications