Long energy data download using Jupyter Notebook

This article outlines a method available for users with API access to download the long energy (5-minutes interval) data of all Auditors in a Fleet using a Jupyter Notebook project.

Jupyter Notebook is a web application for creating and sharing computational documents. It offers a simple, streamlined, document-centric experience.

The Wattwatchers Jupyter Notebook offers a simplified way to download a CSV or JSON file of the long energy (5-minutes interval) data recorded by the CTs connected to the Auditor. It is designed specifically to assist our clients who are not familiar with extracting the energy data from Wattwatchers’ API.

Click here to access the Google Colab Jupyter Notebook.

You will need to have access to the Wattwatchers Fleet Manager to utilise this tool as you need your Wattwatchers API Key to run the Notebook. Please read this article to access your API Key.

The Notebook provides documentation and code to get you started quickly and includes all the necessary blocks to download a CSV file of the data from all devices in your API key within a defined date range.

The Notebook is self-explanatory. That being said, below are things to pay attention to the adjustable parameters and refrain from editing the script until you are comfortable with making your own changes.

Have a go with the tools and log a Wattwatchers support request if you need additional assistance.

As of now, the Jupyter Notebook only provide the 5-minute long energy data recorded by the CTs connected to the Auditor. CET Meter data can be accessed via API only.