What’s ‘Other’ Consumption on MyEnergy?

An explanation of what ‘Other’ consumption in the MyEnergy app is.

Wattwatchers Auditor 6 is an ultra-compact and smart energy monitoring device that is able to monitor up to 6x AC circuits via cellular or Wi-fi communications protocol. In most cases, one of the circuits is assigned to measure the Net Grid Consumption, leaving 5 sensors to monitor the sub-loads. Hence, there are times when not all of the sub-loads are monitored.

An ‘Other’ load category will appear in the MyEnergy app if it identifies a substantial difference between the Total Site Consumption measured by the Grid Connect circuit and the consumption of the Sub-loads. This means that Other energy is not categorised and may be a mixture of circuits and appliances.


In a simplified mathematical formula,

Other = Total Site Consumption - Total measured Sub-loads Consumption

If you require monitoring for 6 or more sub-loads or circuits, this can be achieved by installing and configuring multiple Auditors on-site.

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