Use Onboarding to commission an Auditor

For Installers: A quick guide on how to use Onboarding to commission and validate an Auditor

Getting installation right helps get the customer off to a great start.

The Wattwatchers Onboarding tool (Installer app) gives you the information required to validate that an installation's readings are accurate. 

This article focuses on commissioning - a detailed user guide is available if required.

Onboarding is accessed at:

Below are some key points to consider as part of your commissioning procedure.

NOTE: pre-requisites for commissioning

The installer must have an Onboarding account - get set-up here.

A smart phone or computer with an internet connection is required.

The Auditor must have adequate signal strength and an internet connection.

To validate readings, the Auditor must be powered and the circuits must have load.

Quick Setup for the Auditor

The basic steps to setting up an Auditor device are:

1. Log into Onboarding and enter the serial number of the Wattwatchers device.

2. On the Start page, give the device a name and chose the local timezone.

Tap on the Save button before moving to the next step.

3. On the Channels page, select the Channel Type (such as Grid, Solar, Power, Air Conditioning, etc) and the CT Rating (eg: 60A, 120A, etc) and give the channel a user friendly name. Do this for all CT channels that are installed.

Tap on the Save button before moving to the next step.

4. Use the Energy page to commission the Auditor as described in the next section.

Commission an Auditor

The Energy step in Onboarding shows live readings for Volts, Amps and PF.

The Chart shows kW.


Positive values on the kW chart generally indicate normal energy consumption.

Negative values on the kW chart generally indicate reverse power flow on that channel, or that a solar system is exporting to the grid.

TIP: Power Factor (PF) is a valuable diagnostic tool

A Grid channel should normally have a positive PF for load that is consumption from grid.

A Grid channel will show a negative PF if there is a solar system exporting to the grid.

A negative PF on a load is likely to be incorrect, and is commonly a sign of a CT fitted backwards or on the incorrect phase.

Poor PF (<0.8), particularly if on multiple phases, is often a sign that CT's are placed on the incorrect phase. Some loads can legitimately have readings below 0.8 so you'll have to interpret this in context.

Solar inverters will have PF close to 1.0 when generating energy.

Recommended steps in a commissioning process

  1. In the Start step ensure that signal strength is adequate. Determine if you need an extended range antenna.
  2. Turn any solar systems off to check the grid reading - this prevents erratic readings if exporting.
  3. Check the kW chart - Negative readings on circuits without solar indicates an issue.
  4. Check the PF readings for low and negative readings - This could be incorrect CT placement.
  5. Check the Volts measurement against a multi-meter.
  6. Check the kW and Amps readings with a clamp meter.
  7. Use screenshots from the Onboarding tool as supporting documentation when you close a job.


A6M Examples

Single phase with solar correct installation

Correct monitoring of all channels. CH1 PF -1.0 as site is exporting to grid. CH6 Solar PF 1.0. CH3 Pool pump PF 0.92 is acceptable. Other channels can be ignored for circuits with <1A of load.

Three phase with solar correct installation

Correct monitoring of all channels. Solar channels PF 1.0. Grid channels PF -1.0 as energy is being exported to grid.

Three phase site incorrect installation with CT phase error

CH1 Grid A PF 0.04 indicates there may be an issue with the phase the CT is monitoring. CH2 Grid B is ok. Not able to validate other channels as load is <1A.

A3R Rogowski Coil Device Examples

Three phase solar monitoring correct installation

Correct monitoring of solar output with all PF values 1.0

Three phase solar incorrect installation with reversed Rogowski Coils

Incorrect monitoring of solar output as all PF values -1.0 indicating all Rogowski Coils are reversed. Device has not been fully set up in onboarding as channel names are not set.

Three phase grid with incorrect CT phase assignment error

Incorrect monitoring of grid with phase assignments due to varying PF values. Device has not been fully set up in onboarding as channel names are not set. P1 and P3 are swapped (incorrect phase rotation).