Wattwatchers Warranty and Troubleshooting Guidelines.

How to request a warranty replacement, Our steps in processing a warranty, Common practices that will void warranty & Common troubleshooting before warranty,

    About Wattwatchers Warranty

    The standard warranty term for Wattwatchers devices is two years and starts from the purchase date of the device. If a device is replaced under warranty, the warranty period will transfer over to the replacement device. 

    Our warranty covers equipment delivered to you that is faulty or defective after installation within the warranty period and warranty terms and conditions. The cost of replacing our hardware energy monitoring equipment will be at your expense.

    To be eligible for warranty: The Auditor must;

    • Be within its warranty period of two years from the date of purchase.
    • Have been installed by a licensed electrician and in accordance with Wattwatchers installation instructions.
    • Must not have had its warranty voided as per 'Common practices that will void warranty'

    Things that will void the warranty;

    1. Replacing or removing a device without an approval RMA from Wattwatchers.
    2. Deviation from installation instructions or industry standards, incorrect wiring or mounting, and failure to follow safety guidelines. 
    3. If the device has been opened, tampered with or damaged. This includes devices that have evidence of shorting on the voltage terminals due to incorrect installation practices.
    4. Attempting to replace or remove a device’s internal SIM card.
    5. If the purchase date is greater than the warranty period.
    6. If it's been longer than 12 months that a device has been faulty or not working without raising an enquiry with Wattwatchers support.
    7. If third-party CTs, or CTs of the incorrect specification, are fitted to an Auditor.
    8. If the faulty device is not returned to us within 30 days of installing the replacement device, we will void the warranty and issue you with an invoice for the new device. 
    9. If a device is not connected to our servers for more than 12 months. 

      Note: When a device/s has been offline for extended periods, it will not allow us to send over-the-air updates which help with things like communication stability. Devices that have older firmware may have issues reconnecting back to our server.

    How to request a warranty replacement

    We recommend you contact us first before attending site to avoid multiple trips.

    For Installers
    • Try our troubleshooting steps below before requesting a warranty. 
    • (If on-site) Take a photo of the installation, ensuring lighting configuration, device ID and CTs (if applicable) are visible. This may require multiple photos.
    • Submit a request to our support team

    For customers

    1. Customers can try to power-cycle the device. Please read 'Is an electrician required to power-cycle a Wattwatchers device. If the device is still not working, you should contact your installer.

    Our steps in processing a warranty

    1. Once a ticket is lodged with us, we will investigate the issue to determine the issue.

    2. If we can not resolve the issue, we will reply to you with a conditional warranty approval and an RMA number. 

    3. We will also attach in the email an RMA shipping form to fill out with the shipping details.

    4. We will dispatch a new replacement device from our factory.

    5. When you receive the replacement device there will also be a reply-paid satchel for the faulty device that you will need to drop off into your local post office or post office box.

    6. We will test the faulty device once received at our factory for assessment.

    7. If the device is found to not be faulty in our factory or the warranty has been voided, we will issue an invoice for the replacement device that must be paid within 30 days. 

    Common troubleshooting before submitting a warranty 

    These instructions are for licensed electricians only.

      1. A device or CT has physical damage upon unboxing
        Submit a support request and include a photo of the device.
      2. The device will not power on (All lights OFF)
        Check voltage terminals on the load side of the breaker and the voltage terminals of the Auditor. If voltage is present on the terminals but all lights are still off then you will need to take a photo showing all lights off and a photo of the multimeter showing voltage on the terminals and Submit a support request.
      3. The device has poor reception (L1 ON - L2 ON - L3 OFF or BLINKING)
        For cellular devices: Consider attaching an external or hi-gain antenna
      4. A CT on the device is faulty or measuring incorrectly
        Check the CT readings against a multimeter and record the value difference between what onboarding is saying compared to what the multimeter is saying then Submit a support request
      5. The device does not show up in the Onboarding app, or a permission issue occurs,
        Submit a support request

    Having issues with a WiFi device?
    For WiFi devices: Auditor 6W assistance