Why doesn't the consumption chart on the Dashboard show any data?

Because there are no channels set up as "grid connection" or "solar generation" or the device is offline.

If you are seeing No data is available for this device in the specified time period. message, this is likely caused because there is no “Grid connection” or “Solar generation” channel set for any of the devices. If so, you will need to update the configuration of your device using the Installer app.

See our article How do I change the label names or categories for the channels in the Dashboard?

This may also be caused because the device has been offline during the period being displayed, for example due to a loss of communications with the device or the device being powered off. If this is the case, you should also see a warning at the top of the screen indicating the device is offline (if you are viewing data for “Today” or “Last 24 Hours” for example.)

If you have confirmed a working installation and communications with the device (e.g. via the Installer app), and you have logged out and back into the Dashboard, but are still seeing either of these messages, please log a ticket.